A sustainable and biodegradable geotextile for environmental applications

Key Features

Country of Origin Tanzania
Weave Size 4mm
Tensile Strength1200N
Products available GeoSisal Peatsocks, GeoSisal Matting


GeoSisal is a strong and highly sustainable biodegradable fabric designed for use in various environmental applications. Primarily, GeoSisal has been used in peatland restoration in the form of Peatsocks, but we also manufacture GeoSisal Matting. GeoSisal Matting is designed to fulfill a wider variety of uses, including coastal realignment, river bank stabilisation, sand dune stabilisation, footpath construction, ground protection and much more. Please see our case studies for examples of past and present projects.

GeoSisal Peatsock consist of GeoSisal manufactured in tubbing that is closed at one end of a size made to order. The Peatsock is filled with earth or peat on site and is used to dam peatland and bogland drainage channels. The GeoSisal is strong and maintains structure over time, allowing substantial build-up of water over time whilst permitting limited seepage through the dam that acts to control water pressure on the dam.

GeoSisal Matting consists of a fine weave of sisal fibres in a single layer mat, primarily for embankment stabilisation.


Both ethically and environmentally sustainable, GeoSisal production directly encourages development for small scale producers in Tanzania, as well as being biodegradable over a long time scale. GeoSisal is also a preferred option to plastic-based alternatives, particularly when considering work in environmentally sensitive areas


Orders under 1000mOrders over 1000m

GeoSisal Peatsock (23cm diameter)

GeoSisal Matting (73cm width)


GeoSisal Matting (1.4m, 2.1m, 2.8m, 3.5m, 4.2m, 4.9m width)

* Price may also vary depending on the size of the order. Please fill out the contact form for inquiries.