The company was founded by John Ferguson who has an MSc in Tropical Agricultural Development.  He has spent several years working with small-scale farmers in East Africa and believes that they do not want to have to rely on charity, but want to be able to trade their way out of poverty by having access to markets and selling their produce for a fair price.  After considering different commodities he decided to focus on sisal as it is a very sustainable crop, and sisal fibre has a huge range of environmentally friendly applications.

We buy sisal, a super-strong a highly sustainable fibre crop from farmers in East Africa for a fair price.  We then process it into strong but biodegradable fabrics for a variety of environmental applications, and export them to the UK.

Our company is ethical in everything we do.  We encourage the growing of sustainable crops.  We pay farmers a fair price, contributing to poverty reduction.  We generate employment.  We ship by the lowest carbon method.  And our products compete with and displace the use of plastic products which are both carbon intensive to produce and not biodegradable.

We also offer excellent customer service and are able to assist our customers in problem solving and come up with tailored solutions.